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Sustainable Growth: TOBY Strategies can help identify the right financial partners to achieve the necessary capital, the right expenditures for that capital, and the right steps to take to remain within regulatory compliance. Nonprofit Partnerships: TOBY Strategies will develop a strategy to help your organization achieve positive impact and the appropriate funding to fill operational gaps. We also work with small businesses to help you become certified government suppliers or vendors, and to apply for government contracts once you are already certified.

Business to Business
Services (B2B)

We provide a diverse range of B2B services for corporations and nonprofits of all sizes. We exclusively work with organizations that prioritize sustainable and responsible operations, and are seeking more equitable outcomes through their business activities. From working with corporations looking for government relations input on a regulatory issue affecting your consumer base, to nonprofits looking for investment in a new economic development program targeting marginalized communities, TOBY Strategies can guide you toward success.

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With decades of award-winning experience increasing diversity and inclusion, TOBY Strategies knows how to make a genuine impact on your organization without interrupting day-to-day operations. We provide diversity hiring, promotion, and team evaluation to help your organization integrate a wider range of viewpoints and discover valuable new talent.


Socially strong and sustainable governance is vital for a modern organization, as is protecting our environment. It not only builds a better future, but it future-proofs your business and equips it with better perception from both internal and external observers. Entrepreneurs, private sector businesses, and public organizations alike can benefit from ESG services from TOBY Services.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Services (ESG)

Are you looking for ways to measure your latest Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy? Are you a Second Chance Hiring Employer? TOBY Strategies has more than 20 years of experience providing clients with impactful guidance and support that help them meet their ESG targets.

Many businesses do not consider ESG aspects of their work until they are already facing controversy or difficulty. We will help you to discover the most impactful proactive and reactive approaches for your organization. Our strategy planning services evaluate both the internal and external impact of your organizational priorities, and help leadership understand how strong social governance works best with their business and clients.

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Financial Advisor

Estate Planning and Generational Wealth Training

TOBY Strategies can help create a family legacy of stability and opportunity that marginalized communities and women of color in particular have historically been robbed from accumulating. Through our expertise, you will discover creative and effective ways to pass on wealth and ensure that your family or community is cared for long after you retire or pass.

Financial Advisory Services

TOBY Strategies offers smart and personalized financial advisory services for two specific areas.

Impact Investor Identification and Engagement
Whether you’re a CDFI or Social Entrepreneur that’s built for impact investing, TOBY Strategies is here for you. We identify investors who care about social impact and will make a good fit with your organization. From that point, we can engage those investors, showing them the value of their investment and allowing you to retain the time and energy to instead focus on your actual operations.


About Us

TOBY (Tomorrow Owned By You) Strategies is the creation of Natika Washington, a valued
professional with deep experience in responsible funding and finance. With a career spanning
30 years of public and nonprofit sector leadership, Natika places service at the core of her goals
and her approach.

Prior to focusing on TOBY Strategies full time, Natika worked as the Vice President of
Corporate Partnerships at Prison Fellowship, leading their efforts to engage entities to invest in
solutions to crime and incarceration, and to support a restorative approach to justice. Prior to
Prison Fellowship, Natika was the Chief Development Officer at Polaris, a leader in the fight to
eradicate slavery. After serving in the US Air Force for ten years, Natika led efforts at the US
Department of State to implement and monitor gender integration. Additionally, she served as
the Director of Global Programs at the State Department, managing the creation and execution
of several multi-million-dollar initiatives in more than 90 developing countries.


As a Black, disabled, veteran, woman-owned firm, TOBY Strategies has access to unique and exclusive government resources. Importantly, Natika has a personal understanding of marginalized perspectives and how best to serve them. She is passionate about providing the information and resources organizations need for social and sustainable governance, and to protect our planet for future generations. Natika’s efforts are driven by the need to create an America that operates equitably and both serves and elevates marginalized communities.

Natika’s professional accomplishments include but are not limited to:

● Launched a national social justice campaign at Prison Fellowship in partnership with corporations invested in tackling preventing youth from entering the justice system in America.

● Designed a $4.5M women's health innovation grants program in partnership with the Gates Foundation for new and expectant mothers in Liberia and Bangladesh. The Women’s Health Innovation Program (WHIP) provides health literacy and access to medical services for thousands of mothers to decrease rates of maternal mortality.

● Created a program in partnership with the Goldman Sachs Foundation's 10,000 Women initiative and the Thunderbird School for Good for more than 70 women business owners from around the world. Female entrepreneurs participated in an intensive business skills management program and networked with other women entrepreneurs around Arizona

● Created a multi-million-dollar women's economic empowerment initiative with the Walmart Foundation for women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean called WEAmericas.

● Created and oversaw the implementation of multiple public-private partnerships. Managed 100+ member partnership with The Aspen Institute’s Alliance for Artisan Enterprise to provide a platform for stakeholders to work together to overcome barriers, increase economic opportunity, and elevate the importance and productivity of artisans mainly women in global supply chains.

● Created a $500K grant initiative in collaboration with the Avon Foundation to accelerate the global movement to end violence against women

About Us


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Karole Kushner Davis

Major Donors with Prison Fellowship 

Natika is a talented executive who, most importantly, exhibits a high level of personal ethics and
integrity in everything she does. Through Natika’s leadership, her Corporate Partnerships team
realized significant year-over-year increases in donations to support vital programs and new
initiatives at Prison Fellowship. Natika combines outstanding leadership and communication skills
with both internal and external team members while building excellent relationships with all
stakeholders. Her ability to articulate a clear vision that captivates and encourages others to join the
mission is exceptional!

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